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Investment project of the residential complex "Vzletnaya Polosa"

Investing in the construction of the 2nd stage of the residential complex "Vletnaya Polosa"
in the Kazan city.

  • The project is complete ready for the construction of the 2nd stage
  • Full package of permits
  • Experience in construction and investment activities accumulated since 2007.
  • Professional team
  • The average profitability of the project: 20-23% per annum
  • Land Owned
  • Developed demand and short terms of the sale of apartments - 3-6 months.
  • Various options for investor participation in the project.

Project criteria

  • Total investment: 800,000,000.00 rubles
    (11,429,000.00 US dollars).
  • Tranches during 1.5 yaers construction
  • Return on investment and dividends - in 2,5 years
  • The structure of capital participation - a share in the company Investor Developer.
  • Start of construction - 1-2 quarter 2019
  • Total area of the building: 19,401.0 sq..
  • Apartment area: 16,612.7 sq..
  • Area of commercial premises: 2,536.0 sq..
  • Parking: 193

Options for participation in the project

  • Options for participation in the project.
  • Option 1. The total investment amount is 800,000,000.00 rubles
  • Option 2. Investment 339,000,000.00 rubles
    (4,843,000.00 US dollars) and Bank loan.
  • The main features of the option.
  • Investment tranches during the construction period - 1.5 years.
  • A smaller amount of investment, the duration of the loan, interest repayment monthly for 2 years.

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