About Altex Consulting

The Altex Consulting - team of experts, was established in 2006 and has been involved with extensive managment consulting, particularly corporate finance, marketing research, business planning, project expertise, business valuation, project managment, maintenance of capital investments.


Altex Consulting leverages its acomulated managment consulting, business planning, project managment and investment experience to identify and execute opportunities in local markets to generate exceptional returns.

Altex Consulting Team

Altex Consulting to consist of professionals consisting of specialists from leading Russian and foreign companies, graduates from leading universities.

Grebennikov Alexander

  • CEO


Polikarpov Pierre

  • Corporate Finance Director


Zubrilova Olga

  • Director of Marketing, Ads, PR


Botkin Nikolay

  • Lead analyst


Kiridnov Igor

  • Lawyer


Goryunova Victoria

  • Office Manager and Project Coordinator


Our industry specialization

  • Development in residential, commercial, suburban real estate
  • All segments of agriculture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Processing industries - metallurgy, petrochemistry, wood processing, cellulose, etc.
  • Power industry
  • Production of consumer goods - the production of clothing, footwear, food, drugs, etc.
  • Production of building materials - bricks, drywall, etc.
  • Retail, housing and communal services
  • HoReCa
  • IT.


Bank details:

  • LLC "ALTEX Consulting"
  • Legal adress: Yuzhnobutovskaya ulitsa, 101, Moscow 117042, Russian Federation.
  • ITN / IEC: 7727596036 / 772701001
  • PSRN: 1067760441066
  • Current account/Checking account (RUR): 40702810600001434472, AO Raiffeisenbank, Moscow.
  • BIC: 044525700
  • Corresponding account: 30101810200000000700